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Next week, Mercury in Pisces will conjunct Jupiter and Neptune, a transit I’m calling “A time to dream — with a word of caution.”

In traditional astrology, Mercury is said to be in its sign of detriment and fall in Pisces — a sign traditionally ruled by Jupiter — which makes it the most challenging placement for this planet.

Mercury is the intellect, curiosity, communication, that which seeks to understand the world through analysis and rational thinking. It is a planet that loves memorization and lists. The planet of youth, it can signify the schooling we receive as children and adolescents.

Jupiter, on the other hand, is expansion, buoyant optimism, that which seeks to understand the world with intuition, faith and big picture thinking. While Mercury lives for details and the specific, Jupiter prefers the general and universal. He stands for higher truth and higher education and that which is innately known.

Mercury seeks to measure, categorize, analyze, and place knowledge into boxes, which is not the type of activities Pisces supports. When Mercury is in Pisces, the intellect can become overwhelmed with the oceanic vastness of Jupiter’s expansiveness, which can lead to issues with communication, among other things.

However, this placement is great for dreams, music and poetry, for understanding and communicating that which is beyond words. For example, the poets Maya Angelou and Amanda Gorman both have Mercury in Pisces in their natal chart. Although they illustrate the power of this placement in their work, they also both struggled with communication issues as children.

The Mercury transits ahead

Here are the stats:

  • Mercury ingresses into Pisces on March 9/10, 2022
  • Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on March 20/21, 2022
  • Mercury conjuncts Neptune on March 23, 2022

What these transits are great for

Since this is a whole lot of Jupiterian energy, let’s talk about the positive sides first:

These transits will enhance your ability to slip into the world of dreams, write otherworldly poetry, compose songs that speak to the soul and have mystical and spiritual experience that are beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before. This is perhaps especially true when Mercury meets up with Neptune, which is the dissolver of boundaries.

The motto for the week should therefore be mehr Hingabe, which is German for more surrender, giving yourself over to the poetic power of this energy .

Photo by Fernando Jorge on Unsplash

Bathe more often, go to the spa, spend a week by the sea. Mediate, focus on your spiritual practice and allow your thoughts to wander. If you surrender to the positive sides of this energy, it could be truly mind blowing.

What you need to watch out for

Now let’s move on to the negative sides of these transits, and there definitely are some to keep in mind.

In general, when Mercury is in Pisces you may find yourself more forgetful and scattered, and more at a loss for words than usual, and these transits will heighten such tendencies. Therefore, this week it will likely be harder to complete and concentrate on mundane or super-detailed/analytical tasks. These combinations are great for reaching higher plains and grasping philosophical truths, but they aren’t so great for day-to-day stuff, like finishing a boring report at work, remembering to do your taxes or running errands.

These transits are very much about turning off the logical, rational mind, which can be positive, but it also holds an inherent danger.

Next week, more than ever, you have to be extra mindful of misinformation, especially anything that seems too good to be true. Jupiter has a tendency to gloss over (sometimes important) details in favor of wearing those rose-colored glasses and Neptune is also the planet of illusion, which means these transits combination can definitely lead to unclear or even delusional thinking.

Although this combination is fantastic for spiritual experience, it also could make people more susceptible to falling into cults, so if you come into contact with a person, group or philosophy at this time that insists you have to turn off your mind and abandon any type of critical thinking, run the other way. Faith can be a beautiful thing, but it should never be blind faith that forbids you to question things.

To find out what kinds of topics these transits might bring up for you, take a look at the house in your chart with Pisces on the cusp.

In general, this transit might leave you feeling disoriented and ungrounded and at a loss for words at times, which may be especially challenging if you are more of a left-brained, logical person.

If this is the case, try to let go and just enjoy the dreamy Pisces wave for the time being without losing your head in the process.

On March 26/27, Mercury will move into Aries, a sign where it is much more assertive, blunt, quick and to the point.

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