Guess the Writer/Bohemian: An Astrology Natal Chart Example Game

Yes, it’s time for another episode of “Guess the Writer” (in this case, guess the writer/bohemian). As I did in my last episode, I describe many of the most important aspects about this person that can be seen in their chart and what this likely meant about them so that you can guess who it is I’m talking about and learn a bit of astrology at the same time.

In this case, the only clue I offer is that this person is no longer living and that they were famous for their bohemian lifestyle (and love affairs, as you’ll hear) as well as their writing. Gender, nationality, etc. I’m leaving out because we wouldn’t want to make it too easy, now would we?

Here’s what this person’s chart looks like:

The placements/aspects I talk about in the podcast are:

Last time I really only focused on the person’s ascendant, ascendant ruler, Sun and Moon as well as the planets that ruled the signs they were in. However, since this person has some important placements in angular houses, they really color their personality in a significant way that had to be mentioned.

If you’re interested in what all this means and at guessing just who this person might be, then give the episode a listen!

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