Astrological Forecast for the Second Part of October

Halloween, surprise!

Dear Mortal Readers,

Gorgonia is wishing you much health and plenty of tasty, tasty worms (or cracked corn, if that is what you are partial too like Gorgonia’s trained chicken).

You will be needing because October, Year of the Gorgon 2020 continues to be somewhat of a hot mess (Gorgonia has heard this phrase many times on television and it is one of her favorites!)

Here is what mortals need to know about the astrological weather for the rest of the month.

October 16, New Moon in Libra

As Clyde, Gorgonia’s trained chicken, types this post, it is new moon in Libra on stone writer’s island. This means the moon has now joined the sun in what is not a very easy position.

The sun is in its fall in Libra, which means that it cannot do sun-like things very well, like pursue its inner vision, be visible, lead, etc. Vitality and the ability to act is also now at a very low point both for your average mortals as well as world leaders.

The sun is also receiving two challenging aspects from the malefic planets Mars and Saturn. The opposition from retrograde Mars in Aries brings in pent up aggression, impatience and perhaps physical symptoms, like backaches and inflammation.

The square from Saturn brings in frustration. Mortals are wanting to move forward (and Mars is making them impatient to do so) but Saturn, which can be institutions and authorities and the establishment, is saying: no!

So what does it mean that the moon is joining this mess?

It means that all of this low vitality and frustration and aggression and impatience will also become emotionally charged.

Gorgonia’s advice for the day: Do not let your emotions get the better of you today and allow yourself to (over re)act in a way you may later regret! Keeping a level head and accepting that these are hard times, but they are not forever is key.

On a more positive note, the sun and moon will also be conjunct the fixed star Spica today. This is a very positive fixed star that likes to shower mortals with success, riches and a sweet disposition that it does not wish to violently rip away after a while like many other fixed stars do (Gorgonia is thinking fixed stars don’t care too much about mortals). Thanks Spica!

Maybe this burst of Spica goodness will help sweeten what is otherwise a very bitter pill mortals must swallow these days.

October 18, Sun square Saturn, Venus in opposition to Neptune

On October 18 the Sun square Saturn aspect mentioned above will be exact, so expect the energy around frustration about feeling trapped and not able to move forward to be especially strong these days. Please note: how strong mortals feel this personally and in what areas of life will depend very much on where these planets fall in their natal horoscopes.

Venus will also be in an exact opposition to Neptune. Venus is in Virgo, the sign of her fall right now, which means things these days aren’t so great for Venusian matters, such as entertainment, music, romance, the arts and women’s topics in general (Gorgonia does not usually care much for politics, but she is greatly distressed about what Amy Coney Barrett could mean for women’s issues, among many others, if she is put on the US Supreme Court).

An opposition to Neptune may cause confusion around these topics as well as place a potentially glamorous veil of delusion around any of the Venusian matters listed above.

However, on a more positive note, this could also be a good time to take a more spiritual approach to life or to have a bit of fun dressing up, like Gorgonia for instance, or Clyde, the trained chicken.

Photo by Martijn Hendrikx on Unsplash

Or maybe a unicorn. Everyone loves unicorn, only a few love chickens, almost none love Gorgons.

Clyde and Gorgonia, we are used to it. No, we are not bitter at all.

October 19 Mars square Jupiter

Retrograde Mars in Aries is square Jupiter today. This aspect may give mortals an extra jolt, like when sparks fly that start a bonfire where you can roast many, many tasty worms.

However, be careful to keep your head on this day and do not act rashly or get into futile fights and arguments. Remember, sparks can be useful to start a small fire you need, but a roaring forest fire that swallows up homes, they can cause this too, so be careful and think first before letting aggression get the best of you!

October 20, Mercury in opposition to Uranus

Mercury is retrograde and in Scorpio right now, which very much makes him the underworld Mercury, investigating things buried beneath the surface: think investigative journalism or ancestral work or depth psychology.

Uranus likes to bring sudden bolts of insight or inspiration; he likes to disrupt and shake up the status quo and bring things to light. When these two planets have this aspect, it is likely that things will be exposed that were previously unknown or hidden. Since Mercury is in the Mars-ruled sign of Scorpio, which can also symbolize poison, that which is exposed is likely to be intense, negative or transformative.

For mortals, this could also mean a sudden insight that complete changes your way of thinking.

Since Mercury is retrograde, that which is exposed will likely have to do with the past and may in some way be linked to a subject that came up on October 7, which was the last time Mercury made this exact aspect while still direct.

October 25, Mercury conjunct Sun

On October 25, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will be conjunct the Sun. Both will still be opposition to Uranus, but at a wider orb of 6 degrees.

Gorgonia does not usually like to make predictions: astrology is good at telling us what the astrological weather and the effects of this weather will have at a given point in time, but it’s not good at telling us the actual cause, the how and why for this.

However, Gorgonia will go ahead and say she thinks that at around this time perhaps some of the nasty dirt Mercury has been digging up in the mines of the underworld will be exposed about a leader of some kind (if she is right, subscribe, if she is wrong, give her a second chance and subscribe!)

Psychologically, mortals could also have some sort of deep, cathartic and sudden insight into their own individual selves.

October 28, Mercury and Venus ingress into Libra, Moon ingresses into Aries

Venus finally leaves Virgo behind and Mercury emerges from the underworld, hoorah!


Well, yes, at least partly.

Venus is in her rulership in Libra, which means a much easier time for the Venusian topics mentioned above as well as striving to bring harmony and establish a common ground between people. Mercury retrograde in Libra joins her in this pursuit.

However, the moon is opposing Venus in Aries, which suggests divisiveness and aggressive, irrational emotional reactions that do not support Venus’ harmonious intentions. She is also heading towards an opposition to retrograde Mars in Aries and square to Saturn, which will intensify these aggressive, impatient feelings and sense of frustration coming from the other side.

Mercury retrograde is in a square to Saturn, which also suggest limitations and restrictions concerning a more balanced approach to communication and thinking. This square is applying, so this feeling will increase and may be tied in some way to something that happened around September 23, which was the last time this aspect was exact.

When planets retrograde, they revisit and check up on what they have already gone over in the past, so taking a peek at the fourth week of September can help make the issues that will come up surrounding this aspect clearer, both personally and in world affairs.

October 31, Full moon in Taurus, Sun in opposition to Uranus

Photo by Alexia Rodriquez on Unsplash

Happy Halloween, mortal readers!

This is indeed Gorgonia’s most favouritest mortal holiday because monsters are revered–as they should be every day, Clyde adds.

Did I mention he is a very, very smart chicken?

Yes, Halloween is a special night where the veils between the worlds is very thin, but this year it really needs its own special name and that could be Halloween, surprise!

The moon is full in the sign of Taurus tonight and exactly conjunct Uranus, which means Uranus is exactly opposite the sun in Scorpio. Remember what we said about Uranus: it is good for sudden surprises, both the good and bad as well as bursts of insight or inspiration.

What surprise will Halloween bring mortals?

Perhaps a sudden discovery, something involving leaders coming to light, a lightening bolt revelation, a werewolf coup?

Who knows.

Either way it will be especially amplified because of the full moon.

Happy Halloween indeed!



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